Braden Knobloch

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Braden Knobloch




Braden Knobloch is a highly skilled workman and entrepreneur. Growing up on the farm in West Bend, IA, he experienced at a young age what it takes for a business to thrive: hard work and determination. His appreciation for the agriculture industry only deepened as he purchased his first plot of land in 2015, which he then transitioned to raise organic crops such as corn, beans, oats and alfalfa. His expertise on the farm don’t stop with just crops. He owned and operated two hog barns for Kerber Milling where he had some of the highest hog production in the company, along with running a custom manure hauling business. Considering Braden’s driven personality, it is not surprising that he continues to master and pursue other trades including real estate, construction and sales. His disciplined and determined approach to business will not leave you wondering if you have made the right decision to work with him!


Braden Knobloch lives with his wife and two daughters in Winthrop, MN. His girls are some of his biggest blessings! He is an active member of the local Apostolic Christian Church and holds himself firmly to Biblical moral values. Besides working, he enjoys all sorts of recreational activities with his family and friends including: four wheeling, biking, snowmobiling and hunting.