Ed Mages

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Ed Mages is an expert in home assessment and building. Ed specializes in land management, home inspections and sales. Ed has been in construction for over 25 years and has been a building contractor for 17 years. He can help you find what you are looking for. Ed is focused on the quality of land, home construction and outbuilding structures. You can depend on Ed to point out features that can help you understand the worth of the property you are looking at for rental or purchase.

Ed grew up on a farm northwest of Lafayette and now resides in Courtland with his wife and three children. Ed is a volunteer and supports many charitable organizations including; the local Lions Club, his children’s school, the local pop-warner football association, and has been a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for over 16 years.

Ed can be reached at 507-276-2976 or send an email to edm@magesland.com.