Real Estate, Guns, Fishing, Outdoors & Household

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Tuesday, August 2 ~ 3 p.m.

(Real Estate sells at 6:30 p.m.)

Mages Land Co site

55780 St Hwy 19W, Winthrop


Open House, Wednesday, July 27, 4:30-6 p.m.

1018 Davis Ave, Gibbon, MN

Or by appointment with JC Chrest, 612-269-6271

House Photos are at bottom of all photos.

PID: R33.0154.000

2016 Taxes: $794 HS

Lot size: 50 x 150 

Four  bedrooms, hardwood floors, ceiling fans, eat-in kitchen area w/lots of cupboard space. Main floor full bath, office, 2 bdrms, upper level has family room, 2-bdrms & storage area. 2,200 sq ft, close to school, park and downtown. Attached sgl garage w/3 addl storage sheds.

Terms of Sale: No Buyers Premium. The buyer shall pay 5%  or $2,500 (whichever is greater) non-refundable earnest money down on the day of the auction and enter into a  non-contingent purchase agreement with the balance to be paid upon closing in approximately 40 days. The property will be sold in “AS IS” condition. The taxes shall be prorated. Any assessments payable in 2016 will be paid by the seller. Subject to any easements of  record. The seller nor seller’s agents are not responsible for any errors in this information. This is a guide. Buyers are responsible to collect their own info. Anything said the day of the auction takes precedence over written material. Sellers have the right to reject any and all bids. Auctioneer has the right to conduct the sale however he feels best serves the seller.

Also selling at auction:

Be Prepared for 2 Rings!

Specialty Guns: 1868-1870s Stevens Camp Gun, 40-60 Remington over/std 16ga under, 18k silver trigger guard; 1860s 12ga muzzle loader, Damascus brl, rosewood carved stock, water buffalo horn brake release, hand checkering, sterling silver engraved; Dreyse German 9mm, semi, (Circa WWII) w/case #237151;  (Pepperbox) 2brl cap fired pistol #0003368;

Long Guns: Winchester 1300, 12ga, 2.75-3”, pump #L3165598; Benelli Nova, 12ga, 2.75-3.5”, pump, syn #Z145231; Remington 870Spec, 12ga, 2.75-3”, w/French stock, pump #W485787M; Remington 870Mag, 12ga, 2.75-3”, pump #A811776M; Winchester 1300, 12ga, 2.75-3”, pump #L3065678; Benelli Nova, 12ga, 2.75-3.5”, pump, syn #V204893; Springfield SS410; Westernfield XNH-565-C, 16ga, 2.75”, pump; Braztech Circa Judge 45LC, 410ga, revolver action shotgun #FU3935; Mossberg 500CG, 20ga, pump, 28” mod choke 2.75-3” #J243300; Charles Daly, 12ga, 3”, semi, black syn #101352; Marlin 7mm rifle, bolt w/Bushnell scope 2.5×32, #116705; Ithaca 37 Featherlite, 12ga, 2.75” pump #371413203; Coast-to-Coast 267B, 410, 3”, pump #B083321; Remington 1100, 12ga, 2.75” w/rifle slug brl, semi #N814220, JC Higgins 583.1, 12ga, 2.75”, bolt; New Haven 273B, 410, 3”, ss, bolt; Remington 870mag, 12ga, 2.75-3”, pump #W772650M; Maverick by Mossberg 88, 12ga, 2.75-3”, pump, syn #MV61885G; Browning Gold Hunter, 12ga, 3”, pump #FS1NR13716; Springfield 67 Service C, 12ga, 3”, pump #B174372; Marlin 19, 12ga, pump #92017; New Haven Country Squire, 12ga, 2.75-3”, pump #H747974; Remington 870Exp, 16ga, 2.75”, syn #D337147W; Richland Arm Co, 10ga, dbl brl, 3.5”; Remington 870Exp, mag, 2.75-3”, pump #A553336M; JC Higgins 583.23, 12ga, 2.75”, bolt; Remington Auto Master 878, 12ga, semi, 2.75” #UAFE 4256L; Remington 11-48, 16ga, 2.75”, semi #5512629; JC Higgins 583.23, 12ga, 2.75”, bolt; Winchester 1300, 12ga, 2.75-3”, rifle slug brl, pump #L2657767; Remington 22cal, semi w/Glenfield 4×15 scope #2236173;  Ruger 10-22 carbine, semi #114-66093; Remington 870Exp, 16ga, 2.75”, pump; Remington 11-48, 12ga, semi, #5035680; Wards Western Field, 20ga, bolt; Maverick 88, 12ga, pump #MV36168P; Remington 870, 12ga, syn, deer & shotgun brls, AB492613M; EEA Corp IZH27M, 12ga, over/under, 2.75” #012718507B; Stevens 16ga, dbl brl #6100; Eastern Arms 20ga, ss; Flobert 22cal.

Rifles: Winchester 1906, 22 cal pump w/wood case #387918; Browning (made in Belgium) 22LR, semi w/Martin scope; Ruger 10/22 semi carbine, 22LR, wood/polish nickel w/Simons scope #251-52951; Ruger 10-22 carbine wood, 22LR, semi #118-26311; Remington 550-1, 22cal SL,LR, semi; Glenfield 22 cal, semi #26471752; Springfield 86, 22cal, bolt; Stevens 66B, 22cal bolt, 2 mag; Stevens 987, 22cal, semi, #D873820; JC Higgins 31, 22cal, semi w/Glenfield scope 4×15; Springfield 15, 22cal bolt, ss; Ted Williams 3T, 22cal SL,LR, semi w/BSA 7×20 scope; Remington Speedmaster 552, 22 cal SL,LR, semi;  Remington Speedmaster, 552, 22cal, semi, Bushnell scope 3x9x32 #1832126; Ruger 10-22, carbine w/ramlite col stock, mag #123-55674; Ithaca 49, 22cal, SL,LR, lever #490508139; Remington 597, 22cal, LR, syn, Bushnell scope #A2757206; Stevens 22, bolt, 22 SL,LR;  M1 US carbine forearm grip, col stock #61460; M1 US carbine 30cal w/mag, semi;  Bushmaster XM15-E2S, 223cal/5.56cal, w/mag #L269116; Smith & Wesson M&P-5, 223cal, adj butt; #8W90050; Armalite AR180, 5.56mm, semi, w/mag, col butt stock #S25632; Sturm & Ruger Co, mini14, 223cal, col butt stock, nickel fin #182-10482; Golani Sporter, 223cal, w/col butt stock, semi w/mag #GAL03778; IZH Mash SAIGA Russian, 223cal, col butt w/mag #H03160331; Marlin 9, 9mm, semi, w/mag & Weaver scope #10888497; Winchester 670, 308cal, bolt, Bushnell Sportsview scope #130681; Marlin 336RC, 30-30, lever, #F43977; Remington 700, 300 win mag, bolt, w/ext stock, Bushnell scope, #6770165; Remington Woods Master 742, 30-06, Springfield, semi w/Bushnell 4xbanter scope #7441580; 1940 ASFAAMKARA, 8mm, bolt, military rifle; Savage Access 7mm, 08, bolt, syn #H197402; Marlin 1895M, 450cal, lever, w/Bushnell scope; Romtechnica 7.62x39mm, col stock, semi w/mag #WUM 1-2055; 8mm WWII rifle, bolt w/bayonet lug; 1943 #GH8 470; Russian 7.62x54cal;  Russian 7.62x54mm, semi, w/built-in mag & attach bayonet; Cai Georgia M44, Russian 7.62x54R bolt w/bayonet #5942; Several antique guns, scabbard & holders.

Hand Guns: Glock 34, 9×19 w/case & cleaning kit, #FBR771; Walther by S&W, P99, pmmx19, semi, w/mag, grips & case #028127; Smith & Wesson 4506, 45cal, auto, extra mag, nickel fin, hard case #TDA7740; Smith & Wesson 357mag revolver, stainless w/hard case #BDPS; Ruger 22cal, sgl 6 revolver, #260-42732; Ruger Mark II, 22cal, LR, semi, w/mag & case #221.30096; Colt 25cal, #100605; Beretta 92FS, 9mm, semi, #BER428159; Taurus Judge 4510, 410 revolver #HT933988; Walther by S&W P22, 22cal, LR, w/mag & case #L017630; German revolver, 22mag, 6-shot; Llama 22cal pistol, LR, semi, auto w/mag #911315; H&R 22 spec revolver w/case #530549;  Smith & Wesson 32 long CTG revolver, L, polish nickel; Sundance Ind, A25, 25cal, semi, #022612; Hopkins & Allen XL dbl action 38cal revolver #9807; Ruger 22cal, LR, semi, #16-0016; Hopkins & Allen Forehand 1801 revolver #A5401; Smith & Wesson CTG, 22cal, LR, revolver #28K2433; Beretta 21A, 22cal, LR, semi, #BES57815U; Cobra Enterprises 22C, LR, polish nickel #009500; Cobra Enterprises 22C, pearl, black matt #011495; Cobra Enterprises, 22C, wood, black matt #489491; Daisy & Crossman C02 BB gun pistols, 2-Powerline 500.

Gun Equipment & Ammo: Browning Deer Creek 30-gun safe w/electronic keypad combo; glass door gun case, 9 guns, 2 drawers & doors; ASFA bayonet SN3637; large asst of ammo for most guns selling; asst shotgun cleaning kits vintage & modern; harpoon spear; billy clubs; lrg asst holsters;

Wildlife & Fish Mounts: Cinnamon black bear full standing beehive tree mt; kit fox w/fawn whitetail deer mt in glass case; dueling rooster pheasant mt; multiple whitetail deer mts; raccoon baby mt; coyote skin rug; duck mt case (no duck); woodcock; lrg asst mtd fish incl: walleye, crappie, sunny; perch; northern & bass.

Hunting & Sporting Equipment: Yacht Club boat trailer; 4-Crager univ chrome rims; several pr binoculars; lrg asst gun cases, soft & hard, pistol and long gun; jack knives, folding & hunting; lrg asst wildlife calls incl: goose, duck, squirrel, turkey, deer, coyote; several pr leather gloves (new); knife sharpeners; several walking sticks; 3M ear protectors; Magellan hand held GPS; Hoppes Nitro Solvent #9; Wildlife World Eagle Collection knife collection; Roto decoy-duck; complete waterfowl kit; turkey decoys; spear decoys; 60+ Coleman lanterns ant to new; 10+ asst traps; huge selection of fishing rods, ant & new; 15+ Muskie lures; 150+ fly rod & real combos; 1,000 pcs + ant to modern fishing lures; lrg sel of ice fishing gear; Jiffy ice auger; lrg asst fishing gear; 50+ life jackets; 20+ canoe & boat paddles; snow shoes; waders; over jackets; Dunlop golf clubs; Hydro bike; Puch mopeds 2hp incl: Maxi, Sport MKII, New Port; camping equip; dog sled sleigh; Schwinn Link bike; mini bike; go-cart; Evenrude 6hp mtr w/tank; Johnson 6hp mrt w/tank; Seahorse 3hp w/built in tank; LP porta heater 40k BTU; Coleman Ultra 2500 generator.

Beer Lights, Signs, Collectibles & Coins: Coors neon light; Shells Deer neon light; Michelob Golden neon light; Miller Genuine Draft neon light; Proudly Serve Shells Beer sign;  sel of metal signs incl: Big Gain Feeds, Johnson & Johnson Milk Filters, Funks G Hybrid Seed, Rail Road Crossing & more; Les Kuba prints incl: 1940 Armistice Day Storm, Whitetail Country, Whitetail Wonder w/medallion, sgl frame sml Shelter Trilogy, Time to Call it a Year, The Dude’s Bush Hangout, New Plumbing at Deer Camp, Boxcar Bush & Deer; Hintermeister-Real Battle print; Terry Redlin collector plates;  cast-iron-Arcade McCormick Deering thrashing flay; brass jingle bells, 15 bell descending set #11-3; selection of brass & silver bells; Grain Belt waterfall clock (needs repair) Blatz S&P shakers; Walter’s (Courtland) deck of cards; variety of advertising items; vintage items incl: un-used postcards; coin banks, doll, jigsaw puzzles, hand held pinball game; & sml antiques; Shells deer heads; Frizz Fritche—New Ulm, MN patch; Upper Canadian Paddle Co 1/5 size paddle; 1998 Overall #1 NFL draft picks figures; Starting Line Up Jeter/Ordonez; 1983 1st Edition, Colt Dates of Mfg, 1837-1978 book; Remington History Treasure of American Guns book; asst pocket watches; sml cream cans; Planter’s Peanut can; George’s New Ulm golf stir stick; button collection on Northrup King Seed bag; vintage duck decoys; Fitgers Duluth wooden beer box; asst vintage ammo boxes; vintage bottle toppers, Shells Beer apron; Anheuser Busch metal serving tray; Schmidt Beer glass pitchers; Grain Belt lighted sign; Shells Beer keg; assorted beer tappers, asst beer ashtrays; brass boat prop; Cold Spring Brewery print; Ertl Shells Truck; Texaco Tanker Ship (new in original box); asst RW crocks, jugs & crockware; name brand pottery; ant block & tackle. Uncirculated coin collections include: 1968, 1979, 1987 & 1990; silver dimes & silver dollars incl: 1922, 1923, 1971 Eisenhower; silver halfs incl: 1942, 64, 43; 1oz copper coin; Fed Reserve Bank of Mpls 1929 $5 bill; wheat pennies; mercury dimes; silver dollar locket w/1/2 cent pc on back; asst foreign currency; tokens & medallions.

Household, Tools & Miscellaneous: glass front cabinet w/leaded glass; kitchen table w/6 chairs & 2 leaves; dorm fridge; barn wood shelf; several dressers; Hercules strongbox; Sentry doc safe; Eureka vacuum; sml kitchen appliances; asst small kitchen & household appliances; blue enamel roaster; canners & roasters; RJ Nelson woodies; pheasant feather wreath; Nintendo SP Gameboy w/games; asst sized American Flags; morel mushrooms carved from antlers; lrg asst Knick-Knacks; wood working tools; shop vac; hand planes; croquet set; misc lawn furniture and yard deco; 8’ fiberglass step ladder; Sanborn Mfg air compressor; router; lawn trailer; cattle fan; rolling tool box; metal yard chairs; yard swing; asst diamond willow wood; Shells beer tent.

Owner: Leon Thorson

Broker/Auctioneer: Matt Mages – 507-276-7002, Lic 08-15-003

Listing Realtor: John “JC” Chrest – 612-269-6271

Auctioneers:  Larry Mages, Lafayette; Joe Maidl, Lafayette;

John Goelz, Franklin; Joe Wersal, Winthrop; Ryan Froehlich, Winthrop

Broker/Clerk: Mages Land Co. & Auction Service, LLC.

Not Responsible for Accidents at Auction or During Inspection.

Everything to be paid for immediately after the auction.

Everything sold “AS IS”.

Pistol buyers must have current “Permit to Purchase” permit.

Any pistol & guns with collapsible butt stock must register gun at auction.

All other guns can be registered at buyers choice, $15/gun registration fee.

Lunch & restroom on grounds.

A_German Revolver 22mag

B_Glock 34 9x19

BB Pistols

C_Smith Wesson 357 mag

D_Llama 22cal pistol

E_H R 22 Spec revolv

F_Beretta 92FS 9mm

G_SW 22cal revolver

H_Sundance Ind A25

I_Hopkins Allen XL 38cal revolver

J_Dreyse German 9mm

K_Pepperbox 2brl

L_Walther P22

M_S W 4506 45cal

N_Walther P99

O_Ruger 22cal

P_Ruger 22 cal sgl 6 revolver

Q_Ruger Mark II 22cal

R_Hopkins Allen 1801 revolver

S_S W CTG 22cal revolver

T_Colt Auto 25cal

U_Beretta 21A 22cal

Y_Taurus Judge 4510 410 revolver

1_Braztech Circa Judge 410 revolver

2_Charles Daly 12ga

3_Marlin 7mm rifle bolt

4_Ithaca 37 Featherlite 12ga

5_C to C 267B 410

6_ Savage Access 7mm bolt syn

7_Stevens 66B 22cal bolt

8_JC HIggins 31 22 calw_scope

9_Springfield 15 22cal bolt

10_Golani Sporter 223cal

11_Remington 1100 12ga

12_JC Higgins 583 12ga bolt

13_NH 273B 410

14_Remington 870mag 12ga

15_Maverick by Mossberg 88 12ga

16_Browning Gold Hunter 12ga

17_Springfield 67 Service C 12ga

18_Marlin 19 12ga pump

19_New Haven Country Squire 12ga pump

20_Remington 870 Exp 16ga

21_Richland Arm Co 10ga dbl brl

22_Remington 870Exp Mag pump

23_1940 ASFAAMKARA 8mm military rifle

24_Remington Auto Master 878 12ga semi

25_Remington 11_48 16 ga semi

26_Marlin 9 9mm semi

27_Bushmaster XM15_E2S 223 cal

29_Sturm Ruger Co Mini14 223cal

30 Armalite AR180

31_ Ted Williams 3T 22cal

32_Mossberg 500CG 20ga pump

33_Remington Speedmaster 552 22cal

34_Winchester 1300 12ga

35_Springfield 410 ss

36_Westernfield XNH_565C 16ga

37_Remington Speedmaster 552 22cal with scope

38_Benelli Nova 12ga pump syn

39_Marlin 1895 450cal lever scope

40_Ruger 10_22 semi 22LR
41_Romtechnica 762x39mm col stock

42_JC HIggins 12ga bolt

43_Winchester 670 308cal bolt with scope

44_Springfield 86 22 cal bolt

45 8mm WWII rifle bolt bayonnet lug

46_1943 BH8 470 Russian

47_Ruger 1022 carbine wood 22LR semi

48_Remington 550 1 22cal

49_Winchester 1906 22 pump wood case

50_Browning 22LR martin scope

51_Remington woods master 3006 Bushnell scope

52_Winchester 1300 12ga

53_Remington 22cal semi Glenfield scope

54_Remington 870Spec pump french stock

55_Remington 870Mag 12ga pump

56_Winchester 1300 12ga pump

57_Benelli Nova 12ga pump syn

58_Ruger 10 22 carbine wood 22LR

59_Remington 870Exp 16ga

60_Russian 762x 54mm semi

61_Cai Georgia M44 Russian 762x54mm bolt

62_Marlin 336RC 3030 lever

63_IZH Mash SAIGA Russian 223 col butt

64_Remington 11_48 12ga semi

65_Stevens 987 22 cal semi 66_S W MP5 223 cal adj butt

67_Ruger 10 22 carbine ramlite col stock

68_Ithaca 49 22cal SL LR lever

69_Remington 1597 22cal LR syn Bushnell scope

70_Wards Westernfield 20ga bolt

71_Stevens 22 bolt SL LR

72_Stevens 16ga dbl brl

73_Eastern Arms 20ga SS

74_1868_1870s Stevens Camp gun over_under

76_Remington 870 12ga deer shotgun brls new in box

77_Glenfield 22cal semi

78_Remington 700 300win mag bolt ext stock Bushnell scope

79_EEA Corp over under 12ga

80_1860 12ga muzzle loader Damaskas brl rosewood carved stock



81_USA 12ga Volunteer sgl shot

82_Hercules 12ga dbl brl hammerless

83_German 12ga nitro bolt

84_Iver Johnson Arms Cycle Works 410 ss

85_M1 US Carbine 30cal semi

86_M1 US carbine forearm grip col stock

 BB Pistols

Victor 12ga Smokeless Shotgun shells

Bear mt

Fawn_Kid fon

Coyote skin

Dueling Pheasant Rooster mount

Mule Deer mount

Whitetail deer 1

Whitetail deer 2

Whitetail deer 3

Whitetail deer 4

Whitetail deer 5

Dbl Sunfish mount

Muskie mount

Northern mount

Perch mount

Sunfish mount dbl

Walleye mount

Bass mount

Racoon mount

Yacht Club trailer

Boat motors

Brass boat prop


Duck decoys

Fishing_Muskie lures

FIshing lures a

FIshing lures b

Spearing decoys

Snow shoes_fishing rods

Coleman lanterns

Brass bells

Shells Deer light

Scheels Beer sign

Schells 140th anniv toy truck

Schells Beer apron

Schells beer keg

Schells Firebrick beer tapper and ashtray

Schmidt Beer pitchers

Mich Golden Light neon light

Miller GD neon light

Coors neon sign

Anheuser Busch Brewing Assn beer tray

Cold Spring Brewry framed print

Hamms Beer metal tray

Grain Belt Beer light

Bottle Stoppers_Vintage

Beer taps 2

Beer taps

Two Harbors boat sign

Horny Goat Brewing Co framed print

Miller High Life garbage can

Signs_Metal advertising

Funks G Hybrid metal sign

Fitger Duluth box
Northrup King seed bag and adv buttons

Planters Peanut bag

Northrup King seed bag and adv buttons

Toy truck

Toy_Cast iron Coin set 1968

Coin set 1979

Coin set 1987

Coin set 1990

Kuba_Armisist Day Storm

framed pics 1 Redlin plates

Golf clubs

Golf Clubs 2

golf clubs 3

Mini bike

Moped_Puch Maxi

Moped_Puch SportMK

Moped_Puch NewPort
Air compresser

Air compresser_Husky

Cattle Fan Lawn swing

leather stool 3 legged


Bear carved stump

Dresser b


Cabinet leaded glass doors

barnwood shelf

Cream cans

framed pics 2

Gloves leather

Hercules strong box

Hercules strong box2. jpg


Pistols 22 cal

House Main Spring

House_Back yard

Kitchen 1

Livingroom a

Livingroom b


Main Bedroom

Basement a

Basement b

Basement c